Levittown Repetitive Injury Lawyer

Many jobs require employees to repeat certain physical motions regularly. Exercising the same actions daily can cause certain parts of a worker’s body to wear down over time, leading to an injury. Sometimes, these injuries become so severe that they prevent employees from working. Fortunately, most workers who suffer repetitive motion injuries at work should be eligible to receive financial compensation. These damages could cover medical expenses and help make up for lost wages.

Following a repetitive motion injury, you should get in touch with a seasoned attorney to discuss your options for recovering compensation. A Levittown repetitive injury lawyer could stand up to your employer and help you collect the compensation you deserve.

Many Different Jobs Can Lead to Repetitive Motion Injuries

Countless jobs require employees to perform repetitive physical motions. Any profession that requires a worker to sit or stand for a long time can be problematic. For example, factory workers who manage assembly lines frequently suffer injuries due to sitting or standing in the same position all day. In other instances, construction workers can suffer repetitive strain injuries after continuously lifting heavy objects. Likewise, grocery store workers who constantly stock shelves can eventually injure themselves. Even office employees can be affected by carpal tunnel syndrome. Numerous individuals could be entitled to workers’ compensation after suffering a repetitive motion injury, and a skilled Levittown attorney could help a victim file a successful claim.

Different Types of Repetitive Use Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries are tied to the overuse of a specific body part and tend to develop over time. After years of repeating the same motions, a wide variety of injuries could arise. Common examples include but are not limited to:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome – Pain in the hand due to pinched nerves. Occurs as a result of typing on a keyboard for extended period
  • Tendonitis – Pain and swelling that is caused by inflamed tissues around the muscles
  • Bursitis – An inflamed and painful bursae, a body part that serves to cushion joints
  • Spinal disc herniation – extreme pain caused by the misalignment of a spinal disc
  • Intense knee pain

Cumulative trauma over an extended period can lead to serious health issues. If a worker believes are suffering from a repetitive strain injury, they should report any discomfort to their employer. Immediately after reporting the injury, the injured employee should seek medical evaluation and discuss their legal options with an experienced Levittown attorney.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available in Levittown

Pennsylvania law requires most employers to offer workers’ compensation. The current system also features a no-fault law, which means that injured workers do not need to prove that their employer’s negligence caused their injury. However, they are required to demonstrate that the injury occurred within the scope of their employment. The more ambiguous nature of a chronic injury could complicate this process, but a skilled Levittown injury could help a worker navigate this gray area.

Workers’ comp benefits typically cover medical bills and lost wages. Damages might also include compensation for any permanent loss of a bodily function. A knowledgeable attorney could help maximize financial damages after a workplace incident.

Contact a Levittown Repetitive Injury Attorney Right Away

If you believe your recurring strain injury is due to your job, do not hesitate to contact a Levittown Repetitive injury lawyer. You may be entitled to financial compensation, and a skilled attorney could help clarify your legal options. They could assist you in filing a workers’ compensation claim and help ensure that you receive all possible damages. Call today.


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