What to do After a Work Accident in Levittown

We trust that our employers will provide us with safe worksites and protection from serious harm while on the job. Sadly, some employers neglect to establish the necessary precautions to prevent accidents from occurring. Injuries sustained on the job could be life-altering and, in severe cases, even fatal.

If you suffered an injury due to your job, consult a knowledgeable attorney on what to do after a work accident in Levittown. In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you need to follow specific procedural channels. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney could help you understand your legal rights and guide you through the steps to claim the benefits you deserve.

File an Accident Report with Your Employer

After an accident on the job, an employee needs to report the incident as soon as possible to their manager, supervisor, or employer. To receive coverage under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws, an injured worker must comply with the strict statute of limitations, so it is important to act quickly. Employees involved in worksite accidents should also keep written copies of the accident reports.

Even if there is no apparent injury right after an accident, an employee must report the incident. Filing an accident report preserves a worker’s right to seek benefits if an injury later appears. If symptoms begin later on, a worker needs to also notify their employer of that injury so that the employer can file a workers’ compensation claim. Reporting work incidents may also lead an employer to implement stronger safety measures to protect other employees from suffering harm in the future.

Visit a Doctor after a Work Accident

Injured workers need to obtain prompt medical treatment after a workplace accident. If the injury requires immediate assistance, they should visit the nearest emergency room. Even if the symptoms do not warrant immediate medical care, it is still important to visit a doctor to assess and treat the injury.

Some employers require their employees to see company-approved physicians while others allow their employees to select any doctor. In a non-emergency situation, it is important to learn about one’s policy from an employer or someone from human resources before visiting a doctor. It is also important to know what is required under the workers’ compensation laws when it comes to obtaining medical treatment.

Additionally, it is crucial to tell the doctor that the injury occurred because of a workplace accident. It is also helpful to take notes or bring a friend to document what the doctor says at every appointment relating to the work injury.

Additional Steps to Take after a Levittown Work Accident

After an accident, it is vital to preserve as much of the evidence as possible. Injured workers should try to take photographs of their injuries as well as the accident site.

It can be challenging to recall precisely what happened in a workplace accident, especially those involving a serious injury. For this reason, it is recommended that injured employees work with a local workers’ compensation attorney. A lawyer could help a worker take the right steps after their accident to protect their right to claim benefits. A legal professional could also interview any eyewitnesses and gather the facts of the incident on behalf of the injured worker.

Call an Experienced Lawyer after a Levittown Work Accident

Workers’ compensation claims often are complicated, and those without a legal background may be unsure of what to do after a work accident in Levittown. A seasoned attorney understands how these processes work and could guide you through obtaining the available benefits in your situation. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn how we could help you.


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