Levittown Lifting Objects Injury Lawyer

Manual labor can take a toll on any worker’s body. Despite countless advances in workplace machinery and safety protocols, many workers are still required to lift heavy objects daily. Injuries caused by heavy lifting are some of the most common annual workplace incidents in Levittown.

If you were severely harmed due to a heavy lifting injury, an experienced attorney may be able to help you collect workers compensation benefits. A Levittown lifting objects injury lawyer could review your case, compile evidence, and help you hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

Causes of Heavy Lifting Accidents in Levittown

Many factors can contribute to a heavy lifting accident. An object’s weight and unsafe lifting techniques are the most common causes of an incident.

Overly Heavy Objects

When a worker carries oversized loads without the assistance of another person or a forklift, they place unnecessary stress on their back. This can lead to vertebrae, muscle, and disk issues. Lifting an object heavier than 50 pounds can greatly increase the risk of injury.

Unsafe Lifting Techniques

Lifting an object while using an awkward or unnatural posture can result in severe injury. If a worker bends their back to pick up an object, they can place unnecessary stress on their spine. Even if the object being lifted is light, injury can still occur. A worker could also suffer a lifting injury if they carry an object high above their heads or rest it on their shoulders. To avoid harm, workers should focus on using their lower body and legs when they lift.

Repetitive or Extended Duration Lifting

If an employee repeatedly lifts objects as part of their daily work, they could strain muscles and suffer from a repetitive use injury. Similarly, if a worker holds an object for too long either above their head or below their knees, they could suffer muscle or nerve damage.

A skilled Levittown attorney could identify a lifting injury and help the injured worker construct a strong case to hold the negligent party accountable for damages.

Proving a Lifting Objects Injury

Unfortunately, many employees will continue to work after suffering a lifting objects injury. Some workers fear being fired, so they hesitate or refuse to report their injuries. This can be problematic because an injury that does not receive medical attention could turn into a permanent, debilitating issue.

Workers should report an injury to their employer immediately after it occurs. If the injured employee fails to report or delays reporting an incident, constructing a sound legal case could become more difficult. The longer a worker waits, the more challenging it can be to prove that the injury occurred within the scope of the employee’s job responsibilities.

Injuries may also begin to heal over time. Reporting an injury immediately after an accident allows a doctor to assess the severity of the wound and create a medical record. This makes it much more challenging for an employer to dispute the severity of the injury during the legal process.

Our attorneys understand that reporting an injury can be stressful, but it is crucial to contact a Levittown injury lawyer immediately after an incident.

Let a Levittown Lifting Objects Injury Attorney Assist You

An accident involving lifting heavy objects injury at work can cause stress especially when you are unsure of how you will be able to pay for medical expenses and lost wages. A Levittown lifting objects injury lawyer could help you file a workers’ compensation claim and collect financial damages. Let us handle the difficult legal elements of your case. Schedule a consultation today.


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