You were hurt at work. Do you need an injury lawyer?

No one plans to get hurt at work. After you hurt yourself while working, you expect your employer to take care of your medical expenses and lost wages with the workers’ compensation insurance. In some cases, they do. In other cases, they do not. At what point in time do you need to contact a lawyer?

I always tell my clients that it is best to contact a lawyer immediately, even if the workers’ compensation insurance is paying for your medical bills and lost wages. The workers’ compensation system in Pennsylvania is complicated. It is best to contact a lawyer sooner rather than later to stay on top of your case from the beginning instead of trying to play catch up. Hiring an experienced injury attorney from the start of your injury also helps you avoid common mistakes and missteps when dealing with the insurance carrier.

Moreover, the insurance companies want to stop paying for your bills and wages as soon as possible. You need to talk to a lawyer who will protect your interests and fight for you until you are healed and ready to return to work.

Most injury attorneys will provide a free consultation. Here at Files Law, there is no fee until I win benefits for you. In other words, I do not get paid unless you get paid. So call today for a free consultation and get an experienced attorney on your side.