Fell on Ice

This video is important to watch before an impending snow storm! No one plans to be
hurt at work. These are things you should know to do right after you are injured, so you
must know them BEFORE you are hurt at work. Knowing these things before the injury
can help you avoid very common mistakes we have seen committed by injured workers
over the years after experiencing a work injury.

If you slip in the parking lot or sidewalk outside of your job, it will depend on the facts of
your case if it will qualify as a work injury. This is what we refer to as a facts specific
case. What that means is your attorney must look at all of the circumstances
surrounding the fall to determine if it will be considered a work injury.

One of the things your lawyer will consider is if you were in the course and scope of your
employment when you fell outside of the job. There is usually no straight answer of yes
or no whenquestioning course and scope. This question requires your attorney to dig
through the facts of your case to determine if your injury will qualify.

This question is often addressed if you slip and fall on icy and snowy conditions
following a storm. You always want to call a lawyer and discuss the issue. Your lawyer
will have a few questions they want answered such as who owned the parking lot? Who
is responsible for maintaining the conditions of the sidewalk or parking lot? Did you
have to pay to park in that lot? Does your employer pay for you to park in that lot? Do
you have to park there or can you park anywhere? Is there only one way to access the
entrance and exit of your building? Are you allowed to access other doors of the
building? Were you on your way in or out of work when you fell? Did you already clock
in? Were you heading out for a personal errand? Were you coming back from a personal
errand? Were you on an errand for the employer?

As you can see, this is not a simple yes or no question. Every case is different. So if you
slip and call outside of work, call a lawyer. If the first lawyer you speak to turns you
down, you may want to call a second lawyer to make sure the first lawyer did not miss
anything about your case. Be careful out there!

If you have more questions, you can check out our video or contact the firm to speak
directly with a lawyer today.