Kaitlin has shown me that she cares about her clients and it’s obvious as she takes the time to listen and she provides answers on a personal and professional level. I had a very bad experience almost 20 years ago and left me feeling as though people you reach out to in time of need and use blind trust as your only means of finding a comfort level with someone whom you don’t know didn’t work out so well. The results at that time were devastating as I was taking advantage of for this persons personal gains. In the short time I’ve gotten to know Kaitlin she has provided a comfort that I need in these strange uncertain times. It takes a lot for me to trust someone, Kaitlin has gained my 100% I know she is fighting for me and my best interest. Based on my personal experience with her, caring and professionalism you are guaranteed to have someone in your corner that will fight and keep you constantly updated and honestly something I noticed personally (not judging). She’s a human being and talks to you as such, you know she is a lawyer but to talk to people on a personal level and remove lawyer jargon, I saw someone who cares about the people she represents and the representation she provides. Kaitlin Files is someone you want on your side I highly recommend her and her firm. You will not be disappointed.